Nissan pastes $3,000 value on milestone LEAF

To celebrate the delivery of its 100,000th LEAF electric car, Nissan has created a special model with an unusual $3,000 USD accessory, though the one-of-a-kind car won’t be available to consumers.

The unique Nissan LEAF is covered in 100,000 coins — 50,000 two-pence pieces and 50,000 two-cent Euros. At current exchange rates, each coin is worth about three cents in U.S. dollars, adding $3,000 to the value of the LEAF on which they’re mounted. Half the car is covered in Sterling, the other half in Euros. The word LEAF is spelled out on the sides, created in three layers of coins.

It took a team of three people a full week to complete the project of affixing the 100,000 coins to the body of the LEAF.

The coins are representative of the cost of running the LEAF in Europe — £0.02 per mile or €0.02 per kilometre — though this particular model would likely cost a bit more, since the coins add 1,111 lbs. (504 kg) to the car’s weight. Weight is not a friend of fuel economy.

The car was created to commemorate the delivery of the 100,000th Nissan LEAF — a white UK-built LEAF Tekna — to Dr. Brett Garner and his wife Elizabeth, owners of a dental practice in Fareham, Hampshire in England.

The car is on display at Martins of Winchester, the Nissan dealer that sold the car to Dr. Garner.


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