Nissan Cube to be discontinued in Canada!

Back in 2009, the Nissan Cube, and boxy-styled vehicles in general were all the rage. In reality, it was the rage for a few Asian automakers, but it never really caught on in North America. The Cube joined the Honda Element, Scion xB, and the Kia Soul on a failed mission with one exception – the Kia Soul, which has resonated more with consumers in the western hemisphere.

Without any press release or announcement, Nissan Canada has focused its attentions elsewhere and has left behind the once-promising Cube.

After a few questions about the Cube’s absence on the official Nissan Canada website from Timothy Cain at Good Car Bad Car recently, Nissan Canada took to Twitter to confirm the discontinuation of the Cube.

Nissan Canada explained, “Nissan is committed to providing Canadians with exactly the right car to fit their lifestyle. At this time, demand for the Cube is very low as customers are finding their needs are met with the other great small cars in our lineup like the Micra, Versa Note, Sentra, and Juke.”

With only 183 Canadian units sold in 2013, it was time for a change and the Cube has been discontinued from Nissan’s Canadian offerings.

The Cube possessed a unique and distinctive style for the urban market, and featured a spacious interior with tons of headroom. It fell short in the cargo space department, and used an underwhelming engine and CVT.

Global sales of the Cube will continue, and Nissan Canada will look to the all-new Micra for a boost in sales. The Micra slots into their lineup more effectively, providing an inexpensive alternative to people who don’t want to spend too much, or rather choose something new than old. The Micra will now join Nissan’s mainstay sedans that include the Versa, Sentra, Altima and Maxima.



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