#NISMOMASHUP – Nissan Titan NISMO Concept!

What Would a Nissan Titan NISMO look like?

Nissan Titan fans probably don’t think of their favorite pickup truck as a race machine, but the latest #NISMOmashup envisions just that idea. Meet the GT-R-inspired Titan NISMO!

Although some pickup truck owners seem to believe that their trucks are actually drag racers in disguise, most realize what a truck like the Nissan Titan really is: a utility vehicle that happens to look good too. This, of course, doesn’t stop some Nissan fans from envisioning a race-ready Titan.

In this regard, the latest #NISMOmashup is a combination of Nissan’s supercar, the GT-R, and the company’s full sized truck, the Titan. Calling it simply the “GT-R NISMO + Titan Mashup,” Nissan explains it thusly:

“Enough torque to make the world stop spinning, and a ride height to conquer any terrain. Introducing the GT-R NISMO + Titan Mashup*. ‪#‎NISMOMashup‬”

The asterisk is to remind people of the small print: this is not a production vehicle. But should it be?

If the top comment on the Nissan Facebook announcement is to be believed, the answer is definitely “no.” “Go home, Nissan, you’re drunk…” says Tommy Brantley with 119 likes so far.

Other top comments include pictorial versions of the same thought. Do you agree?

Imagine, for a moment, a pickup truck the size of the Titan that has design elements (as shown) from the Godzilla that is GT-R. The wide rear flairs accommodate dragster-sized rear tires, the engine is the mega-charged V6 from the 2015 GT-R NISMO, producing 600 horsepower and 481 lb-ft of torque.



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